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Onyx Marble Stone: All You Need To Know Before Buying This Stone

Onyx is a famous stone for various reasons, including its colour, scarcity, and sparkle. It is a semiprecious stone that is created by parallel coloured bands. Since ancient times, this stone has been around and was known to be employed as a symbol of great social standing by the Greeks and Romans. Onyx marble stone is one of the most costly and elite semiprecious stones.

Onyx’s lack of opacity is an intriguing feature. It is more translucent than marble, making it an excellent choice for lighting or artistic applications such as a backlit wall or surface that creates a glow and highlights the patterns.

Uses of Onyx Marble Stone

Onyx Marble comes in eclectic colours and sizes. These stones are used for a variety of applications, including wall cladding. They can transform and elevate the overall appearance of your property! Their light-reflective nature makes fantastic flooring, countertops, and wall panel selections, instantly bringing a sense of elegance to your house. Tabletops are one of the most popular uses of Onyx that is now trendy! You can choose from a range of Onyx texture and pattern options to complement the rest of your home’s decor.

Onyx’s rich and beautiful appearance makes it ideal for flooring or any other use. It boasts a distinctive, one-of-a-kind design. The cost of onyx stone varies depending on the product’s grade and hue of occurrence. Onyx is commonly utilised to create ornamental objects, jewellery, and other unique items.

Types of Onyx marble

Onyx comes in a variety of colours and textures. It is in high demand both in India and around the world. This lovely stone can also be found in retail malls, hotel lobbies, and flooring, among other places. Now let’s talk about the many sorts of onyx marble stones:

  1. White Onyx Stone– It is a gorgeous white stone with natural micro-crystalline quartz. The gold and grey colour veins give it a stunning appearance. It can be used for domestic and business applications. However, it is mainly used for countertops and flooring.
  2. Brown Onyx Marble Stone– It is a brown-coloured stone that is one of the most beautiful and appealing. This stone has a distinct pattern, which is why it is in high demand for both interior and outdoor design.
  3. Blue Onyx Marble– It is a natural stone with a royal aspect. It is employed in the house and at work because of its decorative element. This stone has a smooth surface and is structurally sound.
  4. Yellow Onyx Marble– This lovely onyx stone is a natural gift. It has a distinctive golden tint with a yellowish and honey onyx texture. It is mostly used to create one-of-a-kind motifs and shapes. This onyx marble is simple to install and maintain.
  5. Pink Onyx Marble Stone– This stone is also known as lady onyx pink marble. Its white base has pink and green veining. This marble features a lovely light-coloured pinkish appearance that will add beauty to both your interiors and exteriors.
  6. Green Onyx Marble– It has a smooth texture that gives your design space a royal and luxurious image. This stone has several desirable characteristics to complement your building design. On this stone, there are lovely green waves. It is appropriate for outdoor décor because of its low absorption power.
  7. Black Onyx Marble– This stone has a wonderful dark tint and is utilised in diverse projects. It has a unique look and feel and can be used for wall cladding, bar tops, fireplace surrounds, and sink bases.

How To Clean Onyx Marble Stone​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Warm colour bands of onyx marble stone make it a popular choice for jewellery and home design. Because Onyx is porous and can be harmed by acidic cleaners, it requires additional caution when cleaning it. To clean onyx counters and sinks, use a soft cloth and mild soap like cleaning liquid. Avoid cleaning products that are not explicitly made for stones. Finally, seal onyx counters and sinks with a food-safe sealer.


Onyx is a gorgeous, translucent, natural stone. It is used to provide a smooth and reflective foundation finish to your interior and outdoor space. Onyx marble comes in a wide range of colours and has a delicate appearance. This stone is primarily utilised in residential settings. It provides your property with a luxurious and opulent appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Onyx a precious stone?

Onyx is a gemstone that is relatively rare in nature. It is a striped, semiprecious agate with stripes that alternate. For ages, it has been prized and traded as a semiprecious stone throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

Q2. How many colours are available in Onyx stone?

Onyx marble comes in various colours, including white, green, yellow, pink, and black.

Q3. Is Onyx a durable stone?

Despite its natural beauty, Onyx has several drawbacks compared to granite and quartz. The stone is brittle and requires a typically stabilising substance to add strength. Because Onyx reacts with acids, it must be sealed to prevent the stone from deteriorating over time. People usually choose more durable stones as a result of these characteristics.

Q4. Can we make kitchen countertops from Onyx marble stone?

An onyx countertop may be a functional and gorgeous addition to your kitchen. if you are ready to put in a little extra effort to maintain it. Onyx, like marble surfaces, needs to be cleaned up with spills soon to avoid stains. With proper care, an onyx countertop can be just as good as granite or quartz in terms of durability.


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