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[ Travertine Stone Fireplace Surround Mantel Modern Designs ]

Travertine Stone Fireplace Surround Mantel Modern Designs

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[ Travertine Stone Fireplace Surround Mantel Modern Designs ]

Travertine Stone Fireplace Surround Mantel Modern Designs

Travertine stone fireplace surrounds and mantels can bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any living space. Here’s an overview of modern designs, sizes, and uses of travertine stone fireplace surrounds and mantels:

Modern Designs:

  1. Sleek and Minimalist:
    • Clean lines and minimalist designs with smooth surfaces for a contemporary look.
  2. Geometric Patterns:
    • Incorporate geometric patterns or shapes for a modern and visually striking fireplace surround.
  3. Floating Mantels:
    • Floating mantel designs create a sense of lightness and space, adding a modern touch to the fireplace.
  4. Layered Stone:
    • Layered travertine stone arrangements for a textured and dimensional fireplace surround.
  5. Linear Veining:
    • Choose travertine with linear veining patterns to enhance the modern aesthetic of the fireplace.


  • Mantel Dimensions: Mantel sizes can vary widely based on the design and the size of the fireplace. Standard mantel depths range from 6 to 12 inches, while widths can vary depending on the fireplace opening.
  • Surround Height: The height of the surround typically extends from the hearth to the ceiling or to a specified height, depending on the design and proportions of the room.


  1. Living Rooms:
    • Travertine fireplace surrounds and mantels can serve as focal points in living rooms, adding warmth and character to the space.
  2. Family Rooms:
    • Create a cozy atmosphere in family rooms by incorporating travertine fireplace surrounds and mantels.
  3. Bedrooms:
    • Install travertine fireplace surrounds and mantels in bedrooms to add a touch of luxury and sophistication.
  4. Studies or Home Offices:
    • Enhance the ambiance of studies or home offices with modern travertine fireplace surrounds and mantels, creating a stylish and inviting environment.
  5. Entertainment Areas:
    • Incorporate travertine fireplace surrounds and mantels into entertainment areas or media rooms for added comfort and visual appeal.

Manufacturing Considerations:

  1. Material Selection:
    • Choose high-quality travertine with consistent color and veining patterns to ensure a uniform appearance.
  2. Cutting and Shaping:
    • Use precision cutting techniques to create the desired shapes and dimensions for the fireplace surround and mantel.
  3. Finishing:
    • Apply honing, polishing, or other finishing techniques to achieve the desired texture and appearance.
  4. Installation:
    • Hire professional installers to ensure proper placement and secure installation of the travertine fireplace surround and mantel.

Travertine stone fireplace surrounds and mantels offer timeless beauty and versatility, making them an excellent choice for modern living spaces. With careful design and craftsmanship, travertine fireplace features can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any room.

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Supply Ability: We can provide up to 1000 square meters of slabs etc.

Port: Our products are shipped from Karachi, Pakistan.

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4. Before shipping, we will take detailed pictures for you to check the quality and ensure it meets your expectations.
5. We are flexible and accept orders of less than a full container load.
6. In general, we strive to deliver your order within 30 to 45 days, ensuring prompt and timely service.
7. With over 17 years of experience in exporting, we have the expertise to make your order process smooth and efficient.

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