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[ All Onyx Pedestal Sinks Colors & Shaped ]

All Onyx Pedestal Sinks Colors & Shaped

Onyx pedestal sink colors White onyx pedestal sink Green onyx pedestal sink Honey onyx pedestal sink Pink onyx pedestal sink Multi-color onyx pedestal sink Onyx pedestal sink shapes Round onyx pedestal sink Oval onyx pedestal sink Rectangular onyx pedestal sink Square onyx pedestal sink Custom shaped onyx pedestal sink

[ All Onyx Sinks Colors & Shapes]

All Onyx Sinks Colors & Shapes

onyx pedestal sinks:

  1. Green Onyx Pedestal Sink: Characterized by vibrant green hues, this sink brings a touch of nature’s freshness to the bathroom.

  2. White Onyx Pedestal Sink: A classic choice, white onyx imparts a sense of purity and elegance to the space.

  3. Brown Onyx Pedestal Sink: With warm and earthy brown tones, this sink adds a cozy and inviting ambiance.

  4. Yellow Onyx Pedestal Sink: Featuring golden and yellow shades, this sink brings warmth and brightness to the bathroom.

  5. Red Onyx Pedestal Sink: Red onyx adds a bold and passionate element, infusing the space with rich and vibrant colors.

  6. Pink Onyx Pedestal Sink: Soft pink tones create a delicate and soothing atmosphere, perfect for serene bathroom settings.

  7. Orange Onyx Pedestal Sink: Orange hues add energy and warmth, creating an inviting and lively bathroom ambiance.

  8. Multi-Color Onyx Pedestal Sink: Incorporating a blend of different onyx colors, this sink offers a unique and captivating visual effect.

  9. Black Onyx Pedestal Sink: With deep black tones, this sink design brings a sense of sophistication and modernity.

  10. Gray Onyx Pedestal Sink: Gray onyx offers a neutral and versatile option, suitable for a variety of design styles.

  11. Blue Onyx Pedestal Sink: Infused with blue shades, this sink design brings a sense of calmness and tranquility.

  12. Purple Onyx Pedestal Sink: Purple hues add a touch of luxury and opulence, creating a regal and stylish bathroom.

  13. Multi-Brown Onyx Pedestal Sink: Featuring a range of brown shades, this sink design brings depth and warmth to the space.

  14. Multi-Green Onyx Pedestal Sink: Incorporating various green tones, this sink design connects the bathroom with nature.

  15. Multi-Color Rainbow Onyx Pedestal Sink: With a spectrum of colors, this sink offers a playful and vibrant aesthetic.

  16. Mixed Color Onyx Pedestal Sink: Combining different onyx colors in unique patterns, this sink design creates a one-of-a-kind look.

Remember that onyx is a natural stone with unique variations in color and pattern, so each sink will be truly distinctive. The choice of color can significantly influence the mood and style of your bathroom, allowing you to create a space that reflects your personal taste and design preferences.

Certainly, here is a list of various shapes for onyx pedestal sinks:

  1. Round Pedestal Sink: A classic design featuring a round basin on top of a pedestal, creating an elegant and timeless look.

  2. Oval Pedestal Sink: Similar to the round design but with an oval basin, offering a graceful and slightly elongated appearance.

  3. Square Pedestal Sink: A modern choice with a square basin and pedestal, bringing geometric aesthetics to the bathroom.

  4. Rectangular Pedestal Sink: Featuring a rectangular basin on the pedestal, this design offers a sleek and contemporary feel.

  5. Flower Shaped Pedestal Sink: An artistic option with a basin resembling the petals of a flower, adding a unique and creative touch.

  6. Boat Shaped Pedestal Sink: A distinctive design with a basin resembling a boat, introducing an asymmetrical and eye-catching element.

  7. Abstract Pedestal Sink: An unconventional design with artistic and abstract shapes, making a statement in contemporary spaces.

  8. Art Deco Pedestal Sink: Inspired by the Art Deco era, this design often features geometric patterns and elegant lines.

  9. Vintage Pedestal Sink: Incorporating retro elements, this sink design brings a touch of nostalgia and charm to the bathroom.

  10. Minimalist Pedestal Sink: A simple and streamlined design, perfect for modern and minimalist interiors.

  11. Curved Pedestal Sink: With gently curved edges and lines, this design offers a soft and inviting appearance.

  12. Angular Pedestal Sink: Featuring sharp angles and defined lines, this design adds a bold and contemporary look.

  13. Abstract Geometric Pedestal Sink: Incorporating abstract geometric patterns, this sink design brings a sense of creativity to the space.

  14. Tapered Pedestal Sink: The pedestal and basin gradually taper, creating an elegant and visually pleasing silhouette.

  15. Inlay Pattern Pedestal Sink: Featuring intricate inlay patterns on the basin and pedestal, adding a touch of luxury and craftsmanship.

These are just a few examples of the many shapes available for onyx pedestal sinks. The choice of shape can significantly impact the overall aesthetics of the bathroom, allowing you to create a design that aligns with your preferences and the style of your space.

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