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[ All Marble Tiles colors ]

All Marble Tiles Colors

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[ All Marble Tiles colors ]

All Marble Tiles Colors

popular Pakistan marble tile colors that you can explore:

  1. White Carrara: A classic white marble with subtle grey veining, often used for elegant and timeless designs.

  2. Botticino: Beige marble with light veins, offering a warm and neutral tone for various applications.

  3. Black and Gold: A striking combination of black and golden veins, adding a luxurious touch to interiors.

  4. Verona Beige: Soft beige with light veining, suitable for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  5. Indus Gold: Gold and beige tones with darker veining, lending a rich and dynamic look to spaces.

  6. Sunny Grey: Soft grey marble with occasional white veining, ideal for modern and calming aesthetics.

  7. Rainforest Brown: Brown marble with intricate patterns resembling a rainforest, bringing a unique element to designs.

  8. Ziarat White: Pure white marble with minimal veining, perfect for achieving a clean and minimalist appearance.

  9. Teakwood: Marble with wood-like grain patterns, providing a cozy and natural ambiance.

  10. Michael Angelo: A blend of white, beige, and grey tones with intricate veining, adding depth to interiors.

  11. Champaign Flower: Beige marble with subtle flower-like patterns, creating an elegant and graceful look.

  12. Fossil Brown: Brown marble with fossil-like markings, adding a distinctive touch to spaces.

  13. Tavera: Beige, cream, and brown tones with intricate veining, bringing movement to designs.

    Marble Tiles Sizes

Marble tiles come in a variety of sizes and can be used for various purposes, both for residential and commercial applications. Here are some common marble tile sizes and their uses:

  1. 12″ x 12″ (30 cm x 30 cm):

    • Uses: These smaller tiles are often used for bathroom floors, backsplashes, and small accent areas. They are suitable for creating intricate patterns and designs.
  2. 18″ x 18″ (45 cm x 45 cm):

    • Uses: These tiles are commonly used for larger bathroom and kitchen floors, as well as for small to medium-sized living areas. They strike a balance between functionality and visual appeal.
  3. 24″ x 24″ (60 cm x 60 cm):

    • Uses: Larger tiles like these are suitable for open areas, such as living rooms and larger commercial spaces. They create a seamless and spacious appearance.
  4. 12″ x 24″ (30 cm x 60 cm):

    • Uses: These rectangular tiles are versatile and can be used for both floors and walls. They are popular for creating modern and linear designs.
  5. 36″ x 36″ (90 cm x 90 cm) and Larger:

    • Uses: These larger tiles are often used in grand spaces, such as commercial lobbies and expansive living areas. They can create a luxurious and visually impressive environment.
  6. Custom and Mosaic Sizes:

    • Uses: Custom sizes and mosaic tiles are used for intricate and artistic designs, often as accents or focal points in various spaces.
  7. Subway Tiles (Various Sizes, e.g., 3″ x 6″, 4″ x 8″):

    • Uses: These smaller rectangular tiles are commonly used for kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, and as wall coverings. They can be laid in various patterns to achieve different visual effects.

Marble tiles can be used for various purposes, including:

  • Flooring: Marble tiles are a popular choice for both residential and commercial flooring due to their durability, elegance, and natural beauty.

  • Bathroom Walls and Floors: Marble tiles are often used in bathrooms for their aesthetic appeal and ability to create a spa-like atmosphere.

  • Kitchen Backsplashes: Marble tiles can add a touch of luxury to kitchen backsplashes, creating a focal point and protecting the wall from splashes.

  • Accent Walls: Marble tiles can be used to create striking accent walls that add texture and visual interest to a space.

  • Fireplace Surrounds: Marble tiles are commonly used to create elegant fireplace surrounds that enhance the overall ambiance of a room.

  • Commercial Spaces: Marble tiles are used in hotels, restaurants, lobbies, and other commercial spaces to create a sophisticated and welcoming environment.

The choice of marble tile size and use depends on the specific design goals, the size of the area, and the desired aesthetic. Always consider factors such as maintenance, traffic, and the overall design theme when selecting marble tile sizes and applications.


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