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[ All Travertine Side Tables Design ]

All Travertine Side Tables Design

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[ All Travertine Side Tables Design ]

All Travertine Side Tables Design

Travertine side tables come in a variety of designs, each offering its own unique style and functionality. Here are some design ideas for travertine side tables:

  1. Rectangular Travertine Side Table: A classic design featuring a rectangular travertine top supported by sturdy legs. This versatile style complements various interior aesthetics.

  2. Round Travertine Side Table: A simple yet elegant design with a round travertine top and a central pedestal or base. This style works well in both traditional and modern spaces.

  3. Geometric Travertine Side Table: Side tables with geometrically shaped tops, such as hexagons, octagons, or irregular polygons, adding a contemporary touch to your decor.

  4. Live Edge Travertine Side Table: Incorporating the natural and irregular edges of travertine for a rustic and organic appearance.

  5. Nested Travertine Side Tables: A set of nesting side tables with varying sizes that can be stacked together or used individually, providing flexible surface options.

  6. Mixed Material Travertine Side Table: Combining travertine with other materials like metal, wood, or glass to create a unique and visually interesting piece.

  7. Sculptural Travertine Side Table: A more artistic and sculptural design that emphasizes the natural beauty of travertine while creating a statement piece.

  8. Cylindrical Travertine Side Table: A cylindrical design with a travertine top, often paired with metal or wooden legs for an industrial or contemporary look.

  9. Trapezoidal Travertine Side Table: Unconventional trapezoidal shape for a modern and dynamic appearance, adding visual interest to your space.

  10. Minimalist Travertine Side Table: A sleek and simple design with clean lines, perfect for modern and uncluttered interiors.

  11. Pedestal Base Travertine Side Table: Side tables with a central pedestal base that adds a touch of elegance and stability.

  12. Glass Inset Travertine Side Table: Combining travertine with a glass inset for a sophisticated and airy look, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of the stone.

  13. Carved Travertine Side Table: Featuring intricate carvings or patterns on the travertine surface, adding texture and visual interest.

  14. Open Frame Travertine Side Table: A side table with an open frame design, often using metal or wooden elements for a light and airy appearance.

  15. Tray Top Travertine Side Table: Featuring a tray-like top design that adds functionality and prevents items from sliding off.

  16. Natural Stone Elegance: Letting the natural beauty of travertine shine through with a simple and unadorned design, allowing the stone’s textures to take center stage.

These are just a few design ideas for travertine side tables. Depending on your personal style and the overall aesthetic of your space, you can choose a design that enhances the beauty of the travertine while complementing your decor.

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