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[ All Onyx Boxes , Canister & Jewelry Boxes Colors & Shapes ]

All Onyx Boxes , Canister & Jewelry Boxes Colors & Shapes

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[ All Onyx Boxes , Canister & Jewelry Boxes Colors & Shapes ]

All Onyx Boxes , Canister & Jewelry Boxes Colors & Shapes

Onyx boxes, canisters, and jewelry boxes come in various colors and shapes, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Here are some common colors and shapes you might find:


  1. Black Onyx: The most common color, offering a sleek and sophisticated look.
  2. White Onyx: Known for its purity and elegance, white onyx boxes exude a timeless charm.
  3. Green Onyx: Radiating a soothing and earthy vibe, green onyx boxes bring a touch of nature indoors.
  4. Brown Onyx: With warm and earthy tones, brown onyx boxes add a cozy and rustic feel to any space.
  5. Pink Onyx: Soft and delicate, pink onyx boxes offer a subtle pop of color with a hint of femininity.
  6. Multi-colored Onyx: Featuring various hues and patterns, multi-colored onyx boxes showcase the natural beauty and uniqueness of onyx stone.


  1. Rectangular Boxes: Classic and versatile, rectangular onyx boxes are ideal for storing jewelry, trinkets, or other small items.
  2. Square Boxes: Offering a clean and modern look, square onyx boxes are perfect for organizing small accessories or serving as decorative accents.
  3. Round Boxes: With their soft curves, round onyx boxes add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.
  4. Canister Shapes: Canister-shaped onyx boxes feature a cylindrical design, often used for storing spices, herbs, or other kitchen essentials.
  5. Heart-shaped Boxes: Symbolizing love and affection, heart-shaped onyx jewelry boxes make meaningful gifts for special occasions.
  6. Oval Boxes: Oval onyx boxes combine the elegance of round shapes with the practicality of rectangular boxes, offering a unique and stylish storage solution.


Onyx boxes, canisters, and jewelry boxes come in a variety of colors and shapes to suit different preferences and purposes. Whether you prefer the classic sophistication of black onyx, the timeless elegance of white onyx, or the natural beauty of green onyx, there’s a wide range of options available to complement any decor style. Additionally, the choice of shapes, from rectangular and square to round and heart-shaped, allows for versatility in both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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