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[ All Onyx Egg Cups Crafts Colors & Shapes ]

All Onyx Egg Cups Crafts Colors & Shapes

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[ All Onyx Egg Cups Crafts Colors & Shapes ]

All Onyx Egg Cups Crafts Colors & Shapes

Onyx egg cups are elegant, durable, and unique additions to any breakfast table or kitchen decor. Crafted from onyx, a semi-precious variety of chalcedony known for its distinctive bands of color, these egg cups come in a variety of colors and shapes. Here’s an overview of the diversity you might find in onyx egg cups, including their colors, shapes, and uses.


  1. White Onyx: Often translucent with swirls or bands of soft color, white onyx egg cups can bring a touch of sophistication and light to the table.
  2. Green Onyx: Ranging from pale mint to deep emerald, green onyx egg cups add a natural and refreshing touch, with each piece showcasing unique veining.
  3. Honey Onyx: Characterized by warm tones of amber, gold, and yellow, honey onyx egg cups radiate warmth, making them a bright addition to any meal setting.
  4. Multi-Color Onyx: These egg cups feature a mix of colors, such as reds, greens, whites, and browns, making each cup distinctive and vibrant.
  5. Black Onyx: Sleek and modern, black onyx egg cups can serve as a statement piece with their bold color and striking white or grey veining.
  6. Brown Onyx: With a spectrum from light caramel to rich chocolate, brown onyx egg cups offer an earthy, warm aesthetic.
  7. Red Onyx: Less common, red onyx egg cups can range from soft pink to deep red, adding a splash of bold color to your table setting.


  1. Classic Cup: The traditional egg cup shape, with a narrow base widening at the top to hold the egg securely, showcases the onyx stone’s natural beauty.
  2. Pedestal Cup: Featuring a stem or pedestal, these egg cups have an elegant, almost vintage look, elevating the egg both literally and stylistically.
  3. Modern Minimalist: Some onyx egg cups have a more contemporary design, with clean lines and a simple form to fit chic, modern tablescapes.
  4. Artistic and Sculptural: For those who appreciate unique tableware, some onyx egg cups are crafted into artistic or abstract shapes, serving as both functional items and conversation starters.


  • Serving Soft-Boiled Eggs: The primary use of egg cups, including those made from onyx, is to hold soft-boiled eggs securely, allowing the top to be removed for eating directly from the shell.
  • Decorative Purpose: Onyx egg cups can also serve as decorative pieces in the kitchen or dining area, adding elegance and color even when not in use.
  • Gift Items: Thanks to their beauty and uniqueness, onyx egg cups make for thoughtful and luxurious gifts for weddings, housewarmings, or as part of a gourmet breakfast set.
  • Collectibles: For those who appreciate the natural beauty of stones and the art of craftsmanship, onyx egg cups are collectible items, with each color and shape offering a unique allure.

Onyx egg cups, with their variety of colors and shapes, not only fulfill a practical role during mealtime but also elevate the dining experience through their aesthetic appeal. Whether used daily or reserved for special occasions, these egg cups can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any table setting.

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