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[ Red Jasper Terminated Points Crafts ]

Red Jasper Terminated Points Crafts

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[ Red Jasper Terminated Points Crafts ]

Red Jasper Terminated Points Crafts (Photo Gallery)


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[ Red Jasper Terminated Points Crafts ]

Red Jasper Terminated Points Crafts

Red Jasper Crafts: Uses, Shapes, Sizes, and Additional Information


  1. Healing and Wellness: Red Jasper is often used in healing practices. It’s believed to promote grounding, stability, and physical energy.
  2. Jewelry: Frequently crafted into bracelets, necklaces, and pendants, Red Jasper is a popular choice due to its deep red color and durability.
  3. Home Decor: Used for decorative items like bowls, sculptures, and wall art, adding a natural and earthy touch to interiors.
  4. Feng Shui Applications: In Feng Shui, Red Jasper is used to enhance positive energy in a space.
  5. Meditation Tools: Spheres and smooth stones are common in meditation for their calming properties.
  6. Collectibles: Unique Red Jasper pieces, especially animal figurines and rare shapes, are sought after by collectors.


  1. Figurines: Animals, mythical creatures, and abstract forms.
  2. Spheres: Perfectly round balls used for healing and meditation.
  3. Cubes and Geometric Shapes: Used in decoration and energy practices.
  4. Jewelry Shapes: Beads, cabochons (polished but not faceted), and carved pendants.
  5. Sculptural Forms: Ranging from simple to complex designs, often used as statement pieces in decor.


  • Jewelry: Typically small to medium-sized, beads can range from 4mm to 20mm, while pendants and cabochons vary widely.
  • Decorative Items: Can range from small (a few inches) to large pieces (several feet) for sculptures and wall art.
  • Healing Crystals: Spheres and stones are often palm-sized for easy handling during meditation and healing practices.

Additional Information:

  • Color Variations: Red Jasper shows a range of reds, from bright to deep, earthy tones, often with natural patterns and striations.
  • Durability: It’s a relatively hard gemstone, making it suitable for various crafts that require carving or shaping.
  • Care and Maintenance: Should be cleaned gently with mild soap and water; avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Availability: Widely available, but the quality and specific characteristics can vary, impacting its value.
  • Historical Significance: Red Jasper has been used since ancient times for its supposed protective and healing properties.
  • Cultural Relevance: Different cultures have used Red Jasper in various ceremonial and artistic contexts, attributing special meanings and powers to it.

Red Jasper’s versatility, combined with its rich color and cultural significance, makes it a favored material in a wide range of crafts and practices.

[ Our Advantages ]

Our Advantages

Natural and Safe: We use natural and safe marble mined from high-quality sources to ensure the quality of our products.

Technology: Our skilled workers employ safe and advanced equipment to produce the best-quality slabs.

Variety of Types: We offer a wide range of textures to meet your construction needs, providing you with various options to choose from.

Packaging: We use professional wooden cases for shipping and implement safe inner protection measures to avoid any damage during transportation.

Supply Ability: We can provide up to 1000 square meters of slabs etc.

Port: Our products are shipped from Karachi, Pakistan.

Our Services for You:
 We offer competitive prices, along with warm and friendly customer service, while ensuring high-quality products.
2. We can accommodate your reasonable design requests and make changes to our original designs to meet your needs.
3. We welcome custom orders for different sizes or OEM designs tailored to your preferences.
4. Before shipping, we will take detailed pictures for you to check the quality and ensure it meets your expectations.
5. We are flexible and accept orders of less than a full container load.
6. In general, we strive to deliver your order within 30 to 45 days, ensuring prompt and timely service.
7. With over 17 years of experience in exporting, we have the expertise to make your order process smooth and efficient.

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