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[ Red And White Strawberry Marble Balustrade ]

Red And White Strawberry Marble Balustrade

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[ Red And White Strawberry Marble Balustrade ]

Red And White Strawberry Balustrade

White marble balustrades are architectural features that consist of a series of small pillars, or balusters, connected by a handrail. They are commonly used in both interior and exterior design to provide support, safety, and an elegant aesthetic. Here’s an overview of different aspects related to white marble balustrades:


  1. Straight Balustrade: This is the most common design, featuring a straight line of evenly spaced balusters connected by a handrail. Straight balustrades are often used for staircases, balconies, and terraces.

  2. Curved Balustrade: Curved balustrades are custom-designed to follow the contours of a curved staircase or a rounded balcony, providing both functionality and an artistic element.

  3. Spiral Balustrade: Spiral balustrades feature a helical or spiral design, making them ideal for spiral staircases or other architectural elements with a circular layout.

  4. Custom and Decorative Designs: Balustrades can be sculpted into various custom shapes and patterns, incorporating intricate carvings or decorative elements to suit specific design preferences.


  • The size of white marble balustrades varies depending on the intended application and the architectural specifications of the project. They can range from small, delicate balustrades for interior use to larger, more robust ones for exterior applications.


  1. Safety and Support: Balustrades are primarily used to provide safety and support on staircases, balconies, terraces, and elevated walkways. They prevent accidental falls and provide stability.

  2. Architectural Aesthetics: White marble balustrades add an element of elegance and sophistication to both interior and exterior spaces. They contribute to the overall architectural design and visual appeal.

  3. Historical and Classical Design: Balustrades are commonly found in historical and classical architectural styles, such as neoclassical and Renaissance, where they are used to create a sense of grandeur and formality.

  4. Gardens and Landscaping: In outdoor settings, marble balustrades are used to define garden areas, create visual boundaries, and add a touch of luxury to landscaping projects.

Manufacture: The manufacture of white marble balustrades involves several steps:

  1. Material Selection: High-quality white marble is chosen for its durability and aesthetic appeal. The type of marble may vary depending on the project’s location and design requirements.

  2. Baluster and Handrail Production: The balusters and handrails are individually carved, shaped, and detailed. The balusters may feature fluting, carvings, or other decorative elements.

  3. Assembly: The balusters are spaced evenly and attached to the handrail, forming a continuous railing. The connections are secured for stability.

  4. Finishing: The marble surface is polished to achieve a smooth and lustrous finish, enhancing its natural beauty.

  5. Quality Control: Each balustrade section undergoes thorough inspection to ensure it meets quality standards and design specifications.

  6. Installation: Balustrades are professionally installed in their intended locations, whether on staircases, balconies, terraces, or other architectural elements.

Red Zebra – Red and White Strawberry marble balustrades are valued for their timeless beauty, durability, and ability to enhance both safety and aesthetics in architectural and landscaping projects. They are versatile elements that can complement a wide range of design styles and add a touch of luxury to any space.

[ Our Advantages ]

Our Advantages

Natural and Safe: We use natural and safe marble mined from high-quality sources to ensure the quality of our products.

Technology: Our skilled workers employ safe and advanced equipment to produce the best-quality slabs.

Variety of Types: We offer a wide range of textures to meet your construction needs, providing you with various options to choose from.

Packaging: We use professional wooden cases for shipping and implement safe inner protection measures to avoid any damage during transportation.

Supply Ability: We can provide up to 1000 square meters of slabs etc.

Port: Our products are shipped from Karachi, Pakistan.

Our Services for You:
 We offer competitive prices, along with warm and friendly customer service, while ensuring high-quality products.
2. We can accommodate your reasonable design requests and make changes to our original designs to meet your needs.
3. We welcome custom orders for different sizes or OEM designs tailored to your preferences.
4. Before shipping, we will take detailed pictures for you to check the quality and ensure it meets your expectations.
5. We are flexible and accept orders of less than a full container load.
6. In general, we strive to deliver your order within 30 to 45 days, ensuring prompt and timely service.
7. With over 17 years of experience in exporting, we have the expertise to make your order process smooth and efficient.

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