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K2 Jasper Large Size Tumbled Stones

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[ K2 Jasper Large Size Tumbled Stones ]

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[ K2 Jasper Large Size Tumbled Stones ]

K2 Jasper Large Size Tumbled Stones

K2 jasper tumbled stones are smooth, polished gemstones that have been tumbled to achieve a rounded and polished appearance. K2 jasper, also known as K2 granite, is a rare and mesmerizing gemstone that features stunning patterns resembling snow-capped mountains against a clear sky. These patterns are created by the combination of white and blue-gray granite with black or gray specks of azurite.

Here are some key features and points about K2 jasper tumbled stones:

  1. Material: K2 jasper tumbled stones are made from natural K2 jasper gemstone. The rough stones are carefully tumbled in a machine with water and abrasive grit or sand to achieve their smooth and polished shape.

  2. Appearance: The distinctive patterns and colors of K2 jasper, with its white and blue-gray marbling and black or gray specks of azurite, give the tumbled stones a unique and captivating appearance.

  3. Uses: K2 jasper tumbled stones have a wide range of uses. They are popular in crystal healing, meditation, and spiritual practices. They can also be used in crafts, as decorative pieces, or carried as pocket stones for their metaphysical properties.

  4. Metaphysical Properties: In metaphysical beliefs, K2 jasper is associated with grounding, tranquility, and higher consciousness. Some people believe that carrying or using K2 jasper tumbled stones can promote harmony and a sense of balance.

  5. Decorative and Collectible: Due to the rarity of K2 jasper, tumbled stones made from this gemstone are considered collectible items among gemstone enthusiasts and crystal collectors. They can also be used as decorative accents in crystal grids or displays.

  6. Gift Item: K2 jasper tumbled stones can make thoughtful and meaningful gifts for individuals who appreciate gemstone-inspired healing tools or unique decorative pieces.

When using K2 jasper tumbled stones for crystal healing or meditation, it’s essential to cleanse and recharge them regularly to maintain their energetic properties. Additionally, verify the authenticity and quality of the K2 jasper material before making a purchase, as genuine K2 jasper can be relatively rare and valuable.

If you’re interested in acquiring K2 jasper tumbled stones or exploring other K2 jasper products, consider looking for reputable gemstone stores, metaphysical shops, or crystal dealers that offer K2 jasper items. As with any gemstone product, ensure that you purchase from trusted sellers who can provide information about the stone’s authenticity and origin. K2 jasper tumbled stones can add a touch of natural beauty and positive energy to your crystal collection or spiritual practices.

[ Physical Properties of K2 Jasper Azurite Granite Gemstone ]

Physical Properties of K2 Jasper Azurite Granite Gemstone

  • Alternative Names: K2 Jasper, K2 Stone, Raindrop Azurite, K2 Granite
  • Crystal System: Monoclinic Trigonal
  • Location: Mount Godwin, Austen Pakistan
  • Hardness: 6
  • Mineral Class: Oxides
  • Colour: Usually blue spots or markings or a grey/white background
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Forms:  Tumbled, rough, carvings and shapes, jewellery
  • Birthstone: Nil
  • Astrological Zodiac Signs: Gemini and Sagittarius
  • Numerological Number: 5 and 6
  • Elements: Ice and Storm
  • Affirmation: Everything that happens allows me to grow and learn.
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